Ode to Surfing

Sitting on my surfboard
The waves are rolling in
A shark just passed me
I could only see the fin

Peeing in my wet suit
I ain’t paddling to the beach
And now I see a jelly fish
Just a yard outside its reach

Tourists think I’m crazy
They really ain’t that wrong
It’s not too hard to fathom
I’ve wondered all along

My buds is all good people
Who should never date your daughter
That don’t really matter much
Cuz we’re happy in the water

Wrestling with my wet suit
I just pinched a vital nerve
Stripping it off is worser
Contorting like a perv

Checking out the surf report
Praying for some swell
Hope that wind stays calm today
It’s really hard to tell

My car is always sandy
And smells like rotting seal
There’s board wax on my safety belts
But it’s really no big deal

Surfboards come from shapers
Shapers come from God
Surfers come from mom and dad
The genetics aren’t that odd